AV Rapid Recover™ – Scottsdale Exclusive

We're the only Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center in Arizona to offer AV Rapid Recover™!  Our team of Cosmetic Surgeons formulated AV Rapid Recover™  to help our patients recover more quickly after breast surgery.  Our Head Surgeon has extensive training from The Mayo Clinic, one of the leading research hospitals in the world. 

AV Rapid Recover™ is included with every breast augmentation (breast implants) surgery at AV Cosmetic Surgery Center at no additional cost.

breast procedure pricing

Requires a free consultation to determine if you are a candidate. *All inclusive pricing is cash pay price and includes Surgeon's Fee, Facility/OR Fee, Anesthesia. Payment via credit card is subject to processing fee, and financing is subject to finance charges. Prices subject to change, your quoted price is valid for 14 days.